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News item number three
Posted:  May 1, 2008

This news block allows users to post current news items and have them appear on the main page of the website. This particular page is configured to only show the most recent news item, and a link is provided to a page where all the news items can be viewed. This feature can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of the client.

News items are managed online through a password protected "edit" page, and content can be edited/added as required.


Event number six
Event Date:  Saturday, May 24, 2098

The Events page is particularly useful to let users of your website know of upcoming events. In this example the page is sorted by the event date, in ascending order. Once the event date has passed, the event drops down to the top position on the bottom portion of the page.

The number of events displaying per page can be configured to suit the preferences of the client.

Presenter:  Dr. Zbigniew Sufleta
Time:  Starting at noon
Location:  TBD

Welcome to Web Design by Shaftsbury

This website has been designed to showcase some of the features available through our web design service. This particular site is using Active Server Pages to display dynamic content from a Microsoft Access database. We can also design in Hypertext Preprocessor language, which would be used with a MySQL database. Web Design by Shaftsbury specializes in small to medium sized websites for clubs, companies, or personal use.


Web Design by Shaftsbury does not use templates in the design process, each web site is individually coded according to the clients preferences. The features that you see on this sample website can be configured individually or excluded from the design depending on the function and purpose of the web site.

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